Stempel Freiberg – Tradition for the future!

Things for daily use: Balls, potholders, shoes, toy stamps. That’s what the company Freiberg started with in 1947. The exchange business with the Americans (our products for butter or meat) kept the family alive until times got better. While growing very fast, Stempel Freiberg was employing up to 400 people!

Today, although with less employees, Stempel Freiberg is still a healthy and stable company. After several movements within Berlin, Stempel Freiberg has now established its headquarters in Berlin-Tempelhof, close to the former Berlin Central Airport. With its own vulcanizing segment, tool production, micromechanics, sign engraving segment, and CNC-engraving machine, the technical equipment is one of the most modern and extensive ones existing in that industry.

Remainders of the old times are for example the collection of old stamps and stamp machines, which are also very popular with movie productions
(e.g.: “Valkyrie” with Tom Cruise). If you need an old stamp, just rent it from Stempel Freiberg.

The stamp producer is known today for very good quality as well as high flexibility. Our costumers are renowned companies and other stamp producers, which appreciate the friendly, personal and professional way of doing business with Stempel Freiberg – an important part of the success of this traditional company with modern equipment.